Summer News – Mr Funky Samba

What’s been happening since I’ve been on here. Quite a bit actually. In late June I successfully broke my collar bone, while playing football. Apparently it was 60/40 not my fault but you can see the results of the encounter below here:

It's actually worse than it looks, turns out that it snapped into 3 bits when it shattered.
It’s actually worse than it looks, turns out that it snapped into 3 bits when it shattered.

I’ll leave the ensuing madness and what I did when I managed to do for the next 9 weeks (couldn’t work or play bass) to another blog post when I’ve more time, but I did get a lot of learning on Ableton live in, managed to watch a lot of wimbledon and am happily back selling low end notes as of last week.

In the meantime, above here’s a clip of our latest band jam session / arrangement which was done at Nico Sabatini’s studio in Battersea. The track is our arrangement of “Mr Funky Samba” by Banda Black Rio. Nico’s done another great job on the mixing and video editing here.

Gigs, Videos and Basses

Hi, it’s been a busy May but thought i’d sit down to share another recording I had fun doing earlier in May as well as a quick update on what’s been going on.

First, the video – We got together at Nico Sabatini’s studio again and recorded a couple of cover tracks for fun. The first is “Monmouth College” by the Yellowjackets and you can hear and watch the results of a sweaty afternoon in the studio here:

I also spent the early part of the month, doing a couple of masterclass workshops at the Acdemy of music and sound, mainly talking about the experience of working on the Stephen Ward musical in 2014.

Last week was fun playing on The Commitments musical during the week and then 4 shows on Thriller Live at the weekend. Great to put the Lakland DJ-5 through its paces again on there as well as eat a couple of Beef Redangs in Soho at Rasa and Bannan Tree – Banana Tree the clear winner there.

And finally, happy to say the my Fodera has just been sold today to Phil from Basschat – good luck with her Phil!

Now off to cook some curry and watch the French Open on TV,

see you soon,


Session Bassplayer