Blurred Lines – Rock Remix

Here’s our Rock Remix arrangement of ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke from which was one of the big tracks of the year.

This time we just turned up at the studio, picked the song, Dave said ‘let’s do this Drum and Bass’, the helpful chap richard at Orpheus plugged in a tempo stretch and then the 4 of us got busy!

The band


Ryan Haberfield – Gtr
Rob Eckland – Keys
Dave Elliot – Drums
Johnny Copland – Bass


Enjoy and stay tuned for next month’s bit of band fun!

J x

With Nicolas Meier Group at Stratford Upon Avon Jazz

This week I was lucky to be able to dep for my good friend and ridiculously great bass player Kevin Glasgow, with the Nicolas Meier group at the Stratford upon Avon Jazz club.

Nicolas Meier is a Swiss born jazz/fusion gtr player with several albums of original music as well as being a touring guitarist in Jeff Beck’s current band. ┬áNicolas is currently promoting his latest album “Kismet” which features Nic on guitar and middle-eastern fretless, Demi Garcia on Percussion, Kevin Glasgow on bass and Laurie Lowe on drums.

Here’s a clip from our version of “Nuages” by Django Rheinhardt, featuring Nic on gtr, Laurie Lowe on drums and Demi Garcia on perc.

And, If you haven’t heard my good buddy Kevin before I seriously recommend you check him out as his bass playing and skills will blow your mind! ┬áHis current group Preston Glasgowe Lowe features the talents of Kevin along with London gtr player Dave Preston and also Laurie Lowe who was playing with Nic’s group on the gig.

Til soon,


Bass player & Producer